Quantum power, no complexity

Qatalyst is a ready-to-run quantum optimization and machine learning application. Users simply submit their computations or problems to the software via simple function calls, and Qatalyst does the rest. No quantum programming, just quantum results.

quantum-assisted decisions

Quantum-assisted decisions. Now

  • Get started with real-world optimization in a week or less, using cloud-based classical and quantum computers.
  • Sophisticated, quantum-ready mathematical engines deliver excellent results for your business.

  • Six functional APIs eliminates complex quantum programming with SDKs.  Invoke the Q API and Qatalyst does the rest.

  • Transparent QPU access avoids vendor lock-in, eliminates time and cost of low-level coding.

More About Optimization

Which would you choose?

Compare the programming required for a constrained optimization problem using quantum software development kits vs Qatalyst.

Why take the harder path?

Quantum SDK

Forget SDKs. Get Ready-to-Run Quantum

Quantum hardware seems to be getting all the attention these days. Yet in many ways, quantum software programming is the bigger challenge. It requires a significant new level of expertise that classical programmers and business subject matter experts donโ€™t have.

That's why we created Qatalyst as ready-to-run optimization software for quantum and classical computers. Run your problem today on quantum-inspired classical while you explore the power of quantum, using the same problem. No programming, no expensive long programming cycles.ย  Just better more accurate results.

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Risk-free quantum evolution

Quantum hardware demands tedious, low-level coding, and updates for every quantum processing unit (QPU) change. That’s a lot of cost and hassle. Not to mention vendor lock-in since you have to choose one vendor. What if that vendor's hardware isn't a good match for some of your calculations?

Qatalyst shields you from the complexity and lock-in. You can access a variety of popular QPUs using the same API calls and the same problems or requests. No low-level coding, no vendor lock-in.

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Qatalyst application accelerator

Qatalyst is a highly sophisticated, quantum application accelerator for complex computations. It is ready-to-run, in the cloud. Or on premise if you desire.

Its sophisticated optimization applications solve complex mathematical computations, delivering a diversity of high-quality results. You no longer have to bet your business decisions on a single computational result.

By eliminating the need for quantum expertise and complex programming, Qatalyst accelerates your time to quantum results for problems that can run on a QPU today.  Add a Q API call to current workflows and applications, and they, too, access Qatalyst power.

As Quantum Processing Units scale to run production problems, Qatalyst provides a seamless path forward with no quantum programming.

Faster time-to-results, faster time-to-quantum, no quantum programming required.

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Complete computational solution

Qatalyst features everything you need to solve constrained computations. Today. On classic and quantum computers. No programming needed.

computational q

Qatalyst includes the following components:

Complete computational solution