Quantum Observations

By Robert Liscouski, President and CEO, QCI


CEORoadshow asked me some very interesting questions about quantum computing and its potential for business. We also discussed how QCI is focused on making quantum value easily accessible for end users and a few other innovations that will impact quantum adoption. I thought you'd be interested, so here's the interview.


Quantum by the Numbers

Each month we feature the latest research on the quantum market, its trends and opportunities.

  • It’s estimated that 1.9 Billion qubits will be needed to penetrate a single Bitcoin private key within 10 minutes. The largest number of qubits to date in a quantum computer is 127, per researchers at University of Sussex, via CoinTelegraph.

QCI in the Market

Robert Liscouski, CEO of Quantum Computing, recently spoke on The Scott Becker Private Equity Podcast. Click the image below to learn about Quantum Computing, what we do, how he built this business, and more.


QPhoton Acquisition Good for Business, Better for Quantum


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