Dirac 1 Subscription Services

Experience the only commercially available photonic EQC system that can solve real-world optimization problems today.

Because Dirac 1 Entropy Quantum Computing system takes a drastically different computational approach to that of existing quantum computing providers, it can rapidly solve business problems with over 5,000 variables. This means that it can help organizations solve challenges that are significantly more complex than any other existing quantum system. Dirac 1 is offered via subscription service and delivered in the cloud.

Dirac 1 helps you:

  • Solve real-world binary optimization problems
  • Process problems with data sets that require higher performance than currently available quantum computers
  • Eliminate errors that minimize the value delivered by other quantum computing approaches 
  • Gain higher accuracy in results in short timeframes

Dirac 1 Subscription Services Available

Introductory Rate - Perfect for PoC10 hours on Dirac with 10 hours Quantum Solutions Support
Quarterly Shared SubscriptionUp to 40 dedicated hours on Dirac per quarter
Annual Shared SubscriptionUp to 40 dedicated hours on Dirac per quarter for 4 quarters
Annual Dedicated SubscriptionDedicated access to a Dirac 1 10k Qubit EQC Binary system

Our Entropy Quantum Computing Technology

Learn how entropy quantum computing (EQC) is different from today's NISQ computers and how our Dirac 1 EQC system
helps organizations solve real-world optimization problems today.


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