Frequently Asked Questions

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Quantum Software

Can I just run my classical program(s) on a quantum computer?

What are the biggest differences between classical and quantum programming?

What types of problems are best suited for quantum computers?

What’s a qubit?

What’s a quantum gate?

What’s a quantum circuit?

What’s superposition?

What’s entanglement?

Does a quantum computer use my current database? Can I just plug it in and access it?

Do I have to buy a quantum computer to try one?

How hard is it to build a quantum program? What should I expect with SDK?

Tell me why I don’t get the same results twice… and why that’s a good thing.

What's the correct "on-ramp" to quantum software and computing?


What is Qatalyst and what does it do for me?

How long does it take me to learn and use the Q API successfully?

What type of experts do I need to use Qatalyst?

Do I have to buy a quantum computer to use Qatalyst? Will you do an onsite Qatalyst evaluation at my facility? What’s the cost?

How does Qatalyst work with my current business processes?

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