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Quantum Software FAQs

Quantum computing is an entirely new paradigm. It requires significant new skills and knowledge to even begin to understand. Consequently, the time-to-expertise will be significant, unless organizations can locate and hire these scarce resources. Even then, these scarce experts demand significant investments.

Expect to spend 6-12 months before you have your first quantum program. And, every time your quantum processing units (QPUs) are updated or you expand the number, expect to rewrite the low-level code that's proprietary to the specific quantum computer you've selected. Then there's Qatalyst.

Qatalyst FAQs

Qatalyst is a highly sophisticated, quantum application accelerator for complex computations. It is ready-to-run, in the cloud. Its sophisticated optimization applications solve complex mathematical computations fast while delivering a diversity of high-quality results. You no longer have to bet your business decisions on a single computational result.

By eliminating the need for quantum expertise and complex programming, Qatalyst accelerates your time to business results. It uses familiar SME constructs. Simply add a Q API call to current workflows and applications, and they, too, access Qatalyst power. Faster time-to-results, faster time-to-quantum, no quantum programming required.

Forget SDKs. Get Ready-to-Run Quantum

Quantum hardware seems to be getting all the attention these days. Yet in many ways, quantum software programming is the bigger challenge. It requires a significant new level of expertise that classical programmers and business subject matter experts don’t have.

That's why we created Qatalyst as ready-to-run optimization software for quantum and classical computers. Run your problem today on quantum-inspired classical while you explore the power of quantum, using the same problem. No programming, no expensive long programming cycles.  Just better more accurate results.

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