Your business can be more quantum-ready than you think.

The benefits of quantum technology apply to a wide range of industries. ‍

Today. On classical computers.

Here are some of the ways our software accelerates solution discovery for business and government.

Supply Chain & Detail

Supply Chain & Retail

Optimization and supply chain go hand-in-hand. Qatalyst accelerates your current optimization applications and expands your range of available solutions.

  • Improve multi-level replenishment throughout the entire supply chain from the manufacturer to your distribution centers, right down to your local stores.
  • Accelerate warehouse performance with more highly optimized pick order and path routing, while easily accommodating the use of more autonomous robots, as well as the growing data complexity that comes with them.
  • Perform inter-modal optimizations (e.g. across long-haul and local surface freight) that are currently intractable in today's computational environments.

Quantum lets you tackle optimizations not achievable with today's CPUs. Qatalyst gets you ready, as its innovative computational engines deliver improved performance and better, more diverse results, right now, on classical CPUs.


  • Cybersecurity is an ideal candidate for quantum computing because of the complexity of unstructured data that must be repetitively and efficiently analyzed to prevent threats and respond quickly to intrusions.
  • Qatalyst's community detection engine, an emerging analytic technique made more tractable by the speed of quantum computers, delivers real-time investigation of network intrusion to disrupt and prevent data exfiltration incidents. Detect patterns of divergent network traffic without the need to specify the variant behavior a priori.
  • QGraph graph analysis uncovers anomalous connections, transactions, and relationships during security clearance audits or other sensitive activities such as surveillance and relationships
Applications of quantum computing
Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical

Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical

Quantum computing is expected to play a prominent role in life science applications. Today, Qatalyst's community detection capabilities can assist in a wide range of application areas where understanding interrelatedness of common attributes is key to discovery.

  • Identify patient attributes and subpopulations in clinical trials. Discover heterogeneous networks of proteins and genes implicated in human biological function and disease states or in viral or microbial lifecycle.
  • Optimize the parameters of your in-silico biological models to improve accuracy of results.
  • Analyze networks to compare molecular substructures and analyze larger molecules necessary in pharmaceutical research.

The possibilities are exponential.

Government and Applied Research

Quantum technologies are already being deployed and evaluated in government and applied research. These institutions will be among the first to experience fulfillment of the promise of quantum performance in a variety of use cases. For example, Qatalyst's constrained optimization engine will:

  • Deliver a greater range of dynamic logistic solutions to speed  military transport of equipment and personnel across changing terrain and weather conditions.
  • Devise evacuation strategies to reduce loss of life following a natural disaster.
  • Simulate molecular phase transitions.

The promise of discovery is great, and with Qatalyst, that discovery can begin today.

government in quantum

Forget SDKs. Get Ready-to-Run Quantum

Quantum hardware seems to be getting all the attention these days. Yet in many ways, quantum software programming is the bigger challenge. It requires a significant new level of expertise that classical programmers and business subject matter experts don’t have.

That's why we created Qatalyst as ready-to-run optimization software for quantum and classical computers. Run your problem today on quantum-inspired classical while you explore the power of quantum, using the same problem. No programming, no expensive long programming cycles.Β  Just better more accurate results.

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