Quantum Observations

This month's Observations comes from Bill McGann, COO/CTO of QCI.

CEO Roadshow talks with Bill about how QCI and QPhoton’s visions align, the key value QPhoton brings to QCI, what it means to become a full-stack quantum computing company, and how we expect to disrupt the quantum computing market.



Quantum by the Numbers

The latest data in the quantum market


81% of senior UK executives expect quantum computing to play a significant role in their industry by 2030 and 97% believe their competitors are currently engaging with quantum in some capacity. 


New research by Ernst & Young.

Hot Off the Presses from

Preparing for Quantum: Next Steps for Enterprise


Organizations that are exploring quantum computing today will have a competitive edge over those that continue to wait until quantum computing is a proven technology.

Read more about how IT leaders can prepare their organizations for quantum capabilities now, via Technology Magazine.

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