Steve Reinhardt headshot

Steve Reinhardt

Steve joined QCI in May 2019 to lead QCI’s development of quantum-ready applications and tools, with a focus on delivering differentiated performance using quantum concepts on classical computers and on hybrids of quantum and classical. He has nearly 40 years of senior-level experience in software and hardware engineering, development, and innovation.

He has built award-winning systems that delivered new levels of computational performance and analytic capability, yet were usable via conceptually simple interfaces. He has focused on graph analytics since 2003, developing graph-analytic core software and using it to solve end-user problems, particularly in cybersecurity.

Steve has held roles at D-Wave Systems, YarcData/Cray, Interactive Supercomputing Corp., Silicon Graphics, and CrayResearch’s Cray T3E. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Yale University and Master of Biological Sciences with a minor in Bioinformatics from the University of Minnesota.