Dr. Faisal Shah Khan

Dr. Khan is a professor of mathematics and a principal investigator at the Center on Cyber-Physical Systems, Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi. He was the first user of quantum annealing hardware in the UAE to optimize financial portfolios.

He presently serves as an associate editor for the Springer Nature journal, Quantum Information Processing, and previously served on the program and technical committees of several international conferences, including IEEE and SIAM.

His studies include differential geometric and game theoretic methods for optimizing the development of next generations of quantum computing technologies.

He is a visiting researcher at the QuantumComputing Institute at Oak Ridge National La, and serves as a member of the Information Security Center at Khalifa University of Science and Technology. He is currently involved in developing a hardware and software programming environment for the first-generation quantum computer, the D-wave 2000Q, and is testing the IBM universal quantum computing platform.

Dr. Khan earned his Ph.D. from Portland State University, Master’s in Mathematics from Portland State University, and Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Santa Clara University.