Michael Booth headshot

Michael Booth

Michael is QCIs Chief Scientist, working with our customers on their toughest problems. Mike joined QCI in May 2019 as the chief technology officer focused on the creation and implementation of the company’s strategy for the development and commercialization of quantum-ready software applications and tools.  

He has nearly 40-years of experience in application design and development, serving in a number of consultative and senior management roles at companies involved in high-performance computing. He specializes in identifying the commercial potential of emerging technologies and developing effective strategies for bringing them to market.

He previously served in the benchmarking division at D-Wave Systems, the world’s first commercial supplier of quantum computers, where he developed qbSolv and benchmarking and consulted work involving high-performance computing filesystems and massively parallel computing. Prior to D-Wave he held roles at MetroWorks,  DevTech, Cray Research, and Silicon Graphics, leading the application development for supercomputers and high-performance computing.

He earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Memphis and completed post-graduate studies at The University of Tennessee Space Institute.