Dr. Yuping Huang, Ph.D.

Yuping is the Chief Quantum Officer for QCI, responsible for developing quantum technology and products. He is also the founding director of the Center for Quantum Science and Engineering and Gallagher Associate Professor of Physics at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Yuping has over 20 years of pioneering R&D in quantum physics and technology. He received a PhD in quantum AMO physics in 2009 and worked as a research faculty and principal investigator at Northwestern University before joining Stevens in 2014. He has so far created and led a strong portfolio of quantum research projects with ~$30 M funds from DARPA, National Science Foundation, Navy, Air Force, Army, NASA, and private sectors.

Prior to joining QCI, Yuping founded QPhoton, Inc., focusing on commercializing quantum devices and technology to provide innovative and practical quantum solutions for critical challenges facing big data, cyber, remote sensing, and healthcare industries.