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We want to help you make sense of the coming quantum future and its role in supply chain optimization. We’ve gathered five resources to help you explore using quantum computing to:

  • Improve classical computing optimization results by using quantum techniques
  • Optimize supply chains even in dynamic environments
  • Optimize retail logistics to deliver on e-commerce expectations
  • Stop settling for just one answer on which to base business decisions
  • Use constrained optimization to improve business decisions

Dynamic supply chains need to respond faster than ever. More data, more logistics, more demands from customers to exceed and more consistent changes. Ready-to-run quantum software makes it easier than ever to up-level strategic decisions to optimize your business. Even today, by improving what we can do with today’s classical computers.

Classical vs Quantum

Why Classical vs. Quantum Computing Is the Wrong Question

Let’s start with setting the right perspective about quantum computing as you consider its value in optimizing your supply chain operations.

Quantum is not a replacement for classical. But it’s certainly a source of specialized horsepower that allows you to access better solutions to constrained optimization problems so you can make better decisions.

This executive brief share insights about how you can think about quantum and classical systems working together to deliver deeper insights.


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Top Quantum Techniques to Optimize that Last Complex Mile

With the “new normal” of changing consumption habits and channels creating unpredictable demand, forecasts have become meaningless. The last mile grows even more complex. 

Until the pure or hybrid quantum computing is available, get a jump on logistics by applying quantum techniques while using classical…today.

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Last Mile
retail logistics

How to Optimize Retail Logistics in an E-Commerce World

Today’s expansions in volumes and complexity of e-commerce drive additional use of constrained optimization beyond product lifecycle management to focus on effective, low cost, and fast delivery.

That’s where quantum computers can bring an extraordinary advantage.

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Stop Settling for Just One Answer with Quantum

There can and usually will be more than one good answer to optimize the situation. That’s where quantum and its ability to deliver multiple, diverse results comes in.

This means you have better insights into the options for your business.

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Quantum diversity

Why Constrained Optimization is the Missing Link in Your Business Decisions

Diversity in buying behaviors is driving the demand to manage a far more complex supply chain for materials and finished products, as well as new logistics strategies and methods to meet the expectations of faster, last mile delivery.

In simple terms, constrained optimization guides you to decide how to do more with less, or how to use less to do more. This executive brief offers an overview of how you can use it.


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