Quantum Observations

NASDAQ and BMW Landmark Results

July 2022  


QCI celebrated a number of innovation milestones in quantum computing last week as we rang the closing bell at NASDAQ.  Many key elements of our strategy have come together in recent weeks, resulting in a strong buy recommendation from Seeking Alpha. From the release of QAmplify, our software technology that expands the capabilities of gate-model and annealing quantum computers, to the acquisition of QPhoton, each and every step is part of our commitment to make quantum computing available to all users, not just an elite quantum workforce.  

We all know by now that quantum computing will be the engine that drives future innovation. It will have a significant impact on business, society, and serve as a catalyst for innovation for the great nation we live in and throughout the world.  

Quantum computing will solve problems that will deliver significant efficiencies in areas such as transportation, energy exploration, medical discoveries, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and areas that have yet to be discovered.  There is no question that quantum computing will be a new reality for the next generation of computing power.  

The only real question has been…when will that reality occur?  QCI is proud to take the first step in bringing real quantum computing to business applications.  Last week we presented BMW with a solution for their complete sensor optimization for autonomous vehicles run on a full-quantum system. No hybrids, no shrinking of the problem.  We delivered landmark results on our Entropy Quantum Computer (EQC) and solved this complex optimization computation FOR THE FIRST TIME on a full-quantum system.  

The problem included 3,854 variables and over 500 constraints. Our EQC delivered a feasible, low cost, high coverage solution in just six minutes. When you consider that the largest similar problems solved by other quantum computers has peaked at 127 variables, you get a true picture of the groundbreaking innovation involved in this landmark result.

This is just the first step in our promise to bring the reality of quantum computing out of the lab and into the business world.  We are blessed to live in a country that fosters freedom and innovation.  QCI is a small company with big ideas and we are committed to fulfilling our innovative potential that make this country great and we are committed to building a secure future for all who live here.  

QCI looks forward to bringing more quantum innovation to the market over the next few months, so stay tuned.


Our Quantum Vision

June 2022

CEO Roadshow talks with our COO/CTO, Bill McGann, about how QCI and QPhoton’s visions align, the key value QPhoton brings to QCI, what it means to become a full-stack quantum computing company, and how we expect to disrupt the quantum computing market.



Why QCI and QPhoton? 

May 2022  

Mike Elliott at CEO Roadshow talks with me about why QCI acquired QPhoton and the value we expect to bring to market, applications of QPhoton that benefit quantum possible use cases, and the unique twist of a software company buying a hardware company.

We thought you'd be interested, so here's the interview.


Quantum Computing Potential 

April 2022  

CEORoadshow asked me some very interesting questions about quantum computing and its potential, how QCI is focused on accelerating business users' access to quantum value and next generation innovations that will further impact quantum adoption. 

We thought you'd be interested, so here's the interview.


Accelerating Into 2022

March 2022  

The beginning of 2022 has been an exceptionally productive time for QCI.  The quantum computing market is seeing growth through new entrants into the marketplace and even some consolidation among various players.   However, it is also seeing a growing realization by the commercial marketplace that it will offer significant advantages to those companies willing to be earlier adopters. The challenge for those early adopters is that quantum computers (or QPUs) are not providing the performance advantages to deliver business value, yet. But, when they do, those early adopters will have significant competitive advantage in their industry.

QCI is perfectly positioned in this space for those early adopters.  

In January, we launched our Path to Quantum (P2Q)  Qonsulting offering. With Qonsulting and our QatalystTM ready-to-run quantum software, QCI is positioned to accelerate and enhance our clients’ exploration of their optimal path to quantum value. P2Q also features a four-phase framework that organizations can use to explore, measure, and strategically plan their quantum computing adoption.  

Using Qatalyst, our consultants de-risk and accelerate quantum exploration for every organization. 

  • Qatalyst ready-to-run quantum software eliminates the expense and complexity of programming quantum software just to explore options
  • QCI supports a range of quantum computing hardware, so organizations get a vendor-neutral analysis across popular platforms
  • We accelerate benchmarking across quantum platforms by factors of 10x or more

The early response from customers and partners has been overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to working with a variety of quantum explorers to accurately define their best opportunities and strategy to achieve quantum value.

We announced our first customer for Path 2 Quantum. QCI will provide consulting and quantum-driven solutions to employee staffing solutions company Quad M Solutions, Inc. This collaboration will utilize QCI’s Qatalyst™ software to provide more accurate and diverse underwriting insights, leveraging quantum-ready classical, early NISQ, and eventually full-scale quantum computers.

QCI consultants will work with Quad M’s database of 100K employees to provide deeper insights that drive more robust underwriting solutions for Quad M. Once proven, Quad M and QCI will jointly market the product to other self-insured companies as well as medical insurance providers. We are excited about the potential for this partnership to deliver quantum value to the staffing and insurance industries. 

We announced a business relationship and exclusive marketing agreement with QPhoton, Inc., a leading innovator in the quantum photonic technology space. The companies will work together to merge QCI’s quantum software solution, Qatalyst, with QPhoton’s advanced photonic quantum technologies for application to QCI-specific solutions.

We believe that  our partnership with QPhoton has the potential to accelerate and expand our effort to democratize quantum computing with groundbreaking and immediately usable quantum solutions that are affordable and can deliver ROI to end users. As a quantum innovator, QPhoton leverages two decades of leading quantum studies to bring significant quantum value to the market including advanced photonic chips, quantum nanophotonics, quantum-boosted sensing (Light Detection and Ranging), quantum-secured cyber applications, and quantum networks.

The two companies expect to deliver their first solutions in Q4, 2022, with first demonstrations in Q3, 2022. 

We were also honored to offer QUBT U as part of the Quantum Programing Workshop for Purdue Women Engineers & Scientists. The workshop featured sessions by Microsoft, IonQ, and QCI, as well as Purdue professors and students. QCI Quantum Research and Application Scientist ‚Äč‚ÄčElif Tokar Erdemir presented the hour-long session, “Solving Optimization Problems with Quantum Computers,” using coursework from the company’s QUBT U program.

 ~70 attendees successfully solved four quantum optimization problems in real-time, requiring no quantum expertise or programming. Attendees simply logged into Qatalyst, then submitted four quantum optimization problems to CPUs and QPUs. All attendees successfully solved these problems during the hour session. 

We believe this is a testimony to the power of QCI and Qatalyst to democratize access to quantum computing value for a variety of users, beyond the elite quantum scientists needed to code complex quantum programs and algorithms. 

Stay tuned for more news and innovation next month.