Executive Briefs


Entropy Quantum Computing: The Future of Quantum, Today

Learn how Entropy Quantum Computing helps combat challenges NISQ computers are facing.


Accelerating Oil & Gas Effectiveness with Quantum

How can quantum contribute to lower costs and efficient energy delivery for oil and gas?


Future Thinking Quantum Hybrid Architectures

Find out how your business can benefit from
an innovative approach to quantum hybrids.


Three Ways to Make Your Business Quantum-Ready

What can be done in to position your business to take advantage of this technology?

Classical vs. Quantum is the Wrong Question

Both have a purpose. What's the best way to use quantum and classical working together?

Is Optimization Your Missing Link? 

How can you take advantage of Quantum Optimization to drive better business decisions?

What's Your Best Path to Quantum?

What are the critical steps and decisions you need to take as you explore your bath path to quantum value?

QCI & Qatalyst in the Quantum Ecosystem

What's different about QCI's approach to quantum computing, and how can you gain advantage from it?

How Qatalyst Plays in the Quantum Ecosystem

How can Qatalyst accelerate the availability and reduce the cost of quantum value for your business experts?

Qatalyzing Your Supply Chain

What if you could effectively test use cases to improve outcomes for supply chain priorities with ready to run quantum software designed to optimize your supply chain?


Qubits: The Heart of Quantum Computing

What are qubits? Are they all the same? How do I know which is best for my specific requirements and problems?

A Simple Primer on QUBOS for Quantum Optimization

What is a QUBO and why would I need it? How are QUBOs structured, how are they used and how can I create my own?


QCI's Quantum Vision

Robert Liscouski, CEO, Dr Bill McGann COO/CTO and Dr Yuping Huang, Chief Quantum Officer, discuss how the power of quantum computing will change our world and how QCI is poised to accelerate the real world value of quantum computing.

BMW Sensor problem

QCI Solves EV Sensor Problem

COO/CTO Dr. Bill McGann presents QCIs results using the Entropy Quantum Computing. The EQC solved a 3,854 variable, 500 constraint problem in six minutes, with superior, feasible results.

QCI Unveils QAmplify

Learn about QCI's suite of quantum software technologies, called QAmplify, that expands the processing power of any quantum computer, by as much
as 20 times, from The Quantum Insider.

CEO Roadshow

Why QCI and QPhoton?

Learn about why QCI acquired QPhoton and the value we expect to bring to market and applications of QPhoton that benefit quantum possible use cases, with our CEO, Robert Liscouski.


QPhoton & QCI Vision

Learn about how QCI and QPhoton’s visions align and what it means to become a full-stack quantum computing company, and how we expect to disrupt the quantum computing market, with our CTO, Dr. William McGann.


QCI in the Market

Learn how QCI is focused on making quantum value easily accessible for end users, as well as other key innovations that impact quantum adoption, with our CEO, Robert Liscouski.


Learn About Quantum Computing with  QUBT-U

QUBT University gives you the opportunity to work with classical and
quantum computers, without having to spend month to learn how to
use a quantum SDK.  


The Big Biz Show with
Quantum Computing Inc.'s CEO, Robert Liscouski

Robert Liscouski, Quantum Computing's CEO, discusses the myth versus
the reality of Quantum Computing, and how quantum-technology will
be used with The Big Biz Show.


Quantum Software: The "Qatalyst" Between
Classical and Quantum Computers

Robert Liscouski, CEO of Quantum Computing, shares how QCI is
actively  enabling today's business users to access, explore and
evaluate the value of quantum computing. 


The Big Biz Show with
Quantum Computing Inc.'s CEO, Robert Liscouski

Robert Liscouski, Quantum Computing's CEO, shares  how Qatalyst
accelerates your current optimization applications and expands
your range of available solutions.