The Photonic Edge

QPS: Advanced Quantum Photonics

There are variety of first-generation quantum methods, including electrons, magnetic spins, atoms and protons. These methods result in today’s quantum computers that demand hyper-cooled and “high maintenance” environments.

The Quantum Photonic System (QPS) leverages pure, non-linear, optical properties to create a core quantum photonics technology that can be deployed at room temperature, in virtually any environment. QPS methods and apparatus deliver high precision measurement, computations and imaging results.

QPS is the foundation that drives the suite of accessible, affordable and highly powerful quantum solutions from QCI and QPhoton.

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Affordable, Accessible Quantum Computing Power

Imagine, a quantum computer that you can run anywhere.

No expensive cooling or infrastructure to protect it, no quantum experts to calibrate and keep it running,   No quantum experts needed at all. 

A quantum computer that can process applications from quantum machine learning to optimization and more.

A quantum computer that can run in your office, in a rack, and that solves your critical complex computations, quickly and precisely. 

Welcome to QCI Ready-to-Run Quantum Systems.

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Secure Quantum Networks

Quantum networks drive the secure transmission and exchange of communications (using quantum keys) over fiber optic cable. These networks can operate between distinct, physically-separated quantum processors, or endpoints.

Quantum networks provide the enhanced security required to defend against quantum computers breaking current cybersecurity methods.

QCI’s quantum networking solutions provide easy-to-deploy quantum hashes, or keys, that create a highly secure quantum network. Our goal is to offer solutions that can be deployed in both current and greenfield networks.   

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Quantum Technologies

Quantum Sensing & Imaging

The true power of quantum sensing and imaging emerges with the capabilities to shape the dynamics of single photons and measure their spectral composition.

QPhoton has extensive technology capabilities to apply in applications such as Quantum LIDAR (light detection and ranging) and quantum tomography using optical photons.

These capabilities will forge a strong technology development roadmap that will impact autonomous driving, stand-off optical measurement and non-intrusive healthcare.

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The Quantum Photonic Edge

QPS delivers quantum photonic power at room temperature, in a highly stable, coherent system.  It enables global connectivity of all qubits to accelerate and scale processing power.

The result is a suite of highly scalable systems and technologies that can be deployed and used virtually anywhere, by anyone.  

Quantum Photonic System