Quantum Insights Today

Generate valuable insights from our quantum-ready and quantum-inspired applications running on classical processors today. Tomorrow, benefit hugely from quantum-ready applications running on quantum computers.

Quantum Computing Inc. develops applications capable of running on quantum processors that are also capable of delivering superior performance on non-quantum processors today.


We’re working to deliver quantum-ready applications for use by subject-matter experts in key disciplines expected to benefit greatly from quantum computing. We are working with government agencies, corporations, and national labs to discover and refine how our quantum-ready and quantum-inspired applications can change the way they approach and solve previously impossible problems.

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Our platform, Mukai, translates breakthroughs in computing hardware into practical performance. Mukai enables users to answer their needs with quantum-inspired methods on classical computers and quantum-ready methods on quantum computers. We’re confident in Mukai’s ability to create applications that are not only quantum-ready, but also capable of delivering superior performance today.

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The Quantum Computing Inc. Mission

We build quantum-ready applications for computationally demanding industry and government problems, leveraging our software development platform for quantum applications.

Platform Agnostic
Broad Market
Scalable Architecture
Future Compatible

Quantum-Powered Applications


Quantum Asset Allocator

The Quantum Asset Allocator leverages our collective expertise in high-performance computing methods, quantitative finance, and quantum computing to deliver blazing fast insights for asset allocation.


Quantum Community Detection

The Quantum Community Detector utilizes advanced graph analytics with quantum-inspired techniques to deliver insights into big data structures like you’ve never experienced before.


Optimization problems lie at the heart of some of the most difficult and high-value compute-reliant challenges in industry and government today.

Mukai is our platform for staging applications for solving extremely complex optimization problems using classical computers today, and quantum computers tomorrow. The software stack of Mukai enables developers to create and execute quantum-ready applications with superior performance using quantum-inspired techniques on classical computers.


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