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Quantum Computing Inc Commences Cyber Security Launch as Patent is Awarded Addressing Unconditional Network Security

QCI announces its business initiative on quantum cyber security based on an international patent that gives QCI exclusive rights to the utilization of a basket of network security solutions. The patented technology gives system-wide, zero-trust protections to many communication scenarios involving data sharing among untrusted parties, whose security is derived only from quantum physics laws.

Quantum Computing Inc. Receives Subcontract Award to Support NASA to Test Quantum Sensing Solutions for Monitoring Climate Change

QCI announces a subcontract award from SSAI to support NASA in testing one of its proprietary quantum photonic systems for remote sensing applications.  QCI will test an existing LiDAR system designed to remotely measure the physical properties of different types of snowpacks, including the density, particle size and depth, based on a recent breakthrough theory.


Quantum Computing Inc is listed on the NASDAQ

Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) (NASDAQ:QUBT) delivers full-stack quantum software and hardware solutions for enterprise customers.

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