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Quantum Computing Inc (QCI) (OTCQB:QUBT), is a cloud-based quantum software vendor, offering ready-to-run software for complex optimization computations.

Our flagship software solution, Qatalyst, is the industry’s only quantum application accelerator, empowering today’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to immediately leverage the power of quantum techniques for faster, better, and more diverse business decisions - with no need for quantum expertise or training.

QCI was founded in 2018 by leaders in supercomputing, mathematics, and massively parallel programming to solve the enormous software development challenges inherent with quantum computing. While much of the market focuses on the Quantum Processing Unit (QPU)hardware, our founders realized that the traditional SDK approach to quantum software doesn’t work for non-quantum experts, given the completely new programming paradigm.
Physics mathematical formulas.

Our goals are simple.

  • Deliver production-ready software that de-risks the shift to quantum computing.
  • Empower current SMEs and programmers to access the power of quantum with no quantum expertise.
  • Eliminate the vendor lock-in created by low-level coding to individual QPUs. Users can freely select the best QPU for their specific problem with no lock-in, ever.
  • Deliver the best performance results (speed, quality, and diversity) at the lowest cost for our users.
  • Deliver software and the required hardware in the cloud to make it simple and cost-effective for organizations to begin to leverage quantum power.

    The result is Qatalyst, the industry’s only Quantum Application Accelerator.

Today, QCI is focused on solving real-world problems including; logistics optimization, cybersecurity, drug discovery, and more. The initial focus is on complex optimization problems, such as supply chain and logistics.

We are partnering with quantum computing leaders in both hardware and software. We use Braket to connect to quantum computers including Rigetti, D-Wave, and IonQ, to run applications, right now. The same problem can be submitted to any of these QPU or CPUs with no need for programming changes so users can determine which quantum computer will provide the best answers to their complex problem.

We believe that the development of real-world use cases, not just science projects, is critical to the forward momentum of quantum computing as a practical technology. To that end, we have developed QikStart, a program to provide access to Qatalyst and cloud-based resources, experts, and funding to explore and push the boundaries of quantum computing for delivering practical business results, right now.

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