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Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) (NASDAQ:QUBT), is a quantum software vendor offering ready-to-run software for complex optimization computations.

Our commitment is simple: we want to make quantum accessible to any users that can benefit from it. 

Our flagship solution, Qatalyst, eliminates the need for expensive quantum programming and expertise, empowering today’s business experts to solve complex computations to make better bottom-line decisions. 


Watch to Learn How We Are Making Quantum Computing Accessible to All

Mike Elliott from CEORoadshow interviewed our CEO, Robert Liscouski, to discuss quantum computing and its potential for business. They also discussed how QCI is focused on making quantum value easily accessible for end users and a few other innovations that will impact quantum adoption.

Our Quantum Vision

The reality is that delivering value with quantum in the near term will not come from pure quantum computing. Value will come from the sophisticated combination of classical and quantum technologies. Quantum can be innovatively combined with classical computers to create a hybrid environment that accelerates the value, quality, and timeliness of complex analyses to drive critical business decisions.

QCI’s vision is to be the democratizing force that enables subject matter experts (SMEs) and end users to get critical answers, using the computing mix that best delivers those results. We provide simple, seamless access across a variety of classical and quantum computers with no quantum expertise required. As quantum-classical hybrids evolve, and as pure quantum computers scale to production, we will continue to provide SMEs with a seamless bridge to use those advances, always with no quantum expertise or programming required.

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Our Goals Are Simple

Our goal: Make quantum simple

  • Deliver production-ready software that de-risks the shift to quantum computing.
  • Empower current SMEs and programmers to access the power of quantum with no quantum expertise.
  • Eliminate the vendor lock-in created by low-level coding to individual QPUs. Users can freely select the best QPU for their specific problem with no lock-in, ever.
  • Deliver the best performance results (speed, quality, and diversity) at the lowest cost for our users. Deliver software in the cloud with diverse computing access to make it simple and cost-effective for organizations to begin to leverage quantum technology.
  • The result is Qatalyst, the industry’s only Quantum Application Accelerator.

Today, QCI is focused on solving real-world problems including; supply chain and logistics optimization, cybersecurity, drug discovery, risk assessment and more. The initial focus is on complex optimization problems, such as supply chain and logistics.

We are partnering with quantum computing leaders in both hardware and software. We use Braket to connect to quantum computers including Rigetti, D-Wave, and Ion-Q. The same problem can be submitted to any of these QPUs so that users can determine which quantum computer will provide the best answers to their problems.

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