quantum computers

Why All Quantum Computers Are Hybrids

Rebel Brown

When you say hybrid quantum computers, most of us in the business have a pretty specific definition of what that means. It’s a consistent theme for a relatively …

hybrid quantum

FutureThink: Hybrid Quantum Computing

Rebel Brown

When we speak of hybrid quantum computing today, we assume we’re discussing the blending of a classical and a quantum computer. These two systems can be configured, thanks …

quantum computing

Hybrid Architectures in Quantum Computing

Rebel Brown

We all know that quantum computing hybrids will be the dominant configuration for extracting quantum value in many applications and use cases. As we have noted before, it’s …

oil and gas

Oil and Gas: A Quantum Future

Kevin Pomaski

Oil and gas companies lose millions of dollars every day, and obviously not because of the commodity price. It’s due in some cases to the inability of these …

Quantum Exploration

The Case for Quantum Exploration

Rebel Brown

Quantum exploration is shifting from laboratories  to commercial applications.  Since many use cases won’t require pure-quantum, now is the time to begin to explore classical and quantum hybrids, …

retail logistics

The Future of Logistics With Quantum Computing

Robert Liscouski

COVID-19 taught us the importance of supply chains when everything from raw materials to finished goods became delayed or simply unavailable to manufacturers and retailers. It also accelerated …


The Many Faces of a Qubit

Rebel Brown

There are a variety of qubit types coming into the market, as quantum computing vendors explore various technologies to exploit the full force of quantum mechanics for our …

Quantum Solutions

Qubit: The Heart of Quantum Computing

Rebel Brown

Quantum computing has so many different terms, ranging from qubit, QPU, superposition, entanglement, to trapped ions, photons and perhaps lions and tigers and bears, oh my. It’s hard …

quantum use cases

Quantum Use Cases Are Here

Rebel Brown

We previously shared initial findings from a study conducted by Hyperion Research. Their final research this week expanded insight to the quantum use cases identified by commercial organizations, …