Quantum for the Real World

As we all know, today's Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) computers are significantly limited in their usefulness for solving real-world problems.

QCI's Entropy Quantum Computer (EQC), Dirac, introduces a revolutionary approach to quantum computing, proven to accurately solve real-world problems, today.

Entropy Quantum Computing

Entropy Quantum Computer

Natural quantum states interact freely, influencing and impacting each other as they evolve and change.

This natural interaction significantly impacts the accuracy and scale of first generation NISQ computers. The expense of hyper-cooled, vacuum environments doesn't eliminate  loss of information, significant errors and limited scale

QCI's Entropy Quantum Computer, Dirac, harnesses the true fundamentals of quantum physics to overcome these limitations. It operates on open quantum systems, carefully coupling a quantum system to an engineered environment, so that its quantum state is collapsed to represent a problem’s desirable solution. 

As a result, Dirac:

  • Solves larger and more complex problems.
  • Eliminates errors.
  • Deploys as a ready-to-run, room temperature, rack-mountable server requiring no special infrastructure.

Automotive Sensor Problem

The BMW sensor problem demands an optimal (lowest cost/maximum coverage) configuration of vehicle sensors for autonomous driving.

In the 2021 BMW/AWS Quantum Challenge, NISQ computers were unable to solve this problem in its entirety, due to limited scale.

In 2022, QCI applied its initial EQC prototype to the BMW sensor problem.

  • The EQC solved the sensor problem with 3,854 variables and over 500 constraints with 99.99% accuracy.
  • The solution total runtime was six minutes.
This demonstrates the power of EQC to deliver a superior, feasible solution to a real-world problem.
Entropy Quantum Computing

See the BMW Results for Yourself

Click here to download the BMW Submission Paper from QCI