Our EQC is unique quantum hardware that takes a fundamentally different approach to other providers.

Hardware with the EQC

Most Quantum Computers try to exclude noise from the external environment and create perfect systems insulated from nature.

These systems require significant engineering feats and experts are anticipating that doing anything useful with them will take decades.

QCI’s Entropy Quantum Computer is uniquely designed to solve for this noise and create useful qubits to perform computations now.

As a result, Dirac:

How It Works


EQC utilizes the measurement postulate of quantum mechanics.


EQC operates on quantum open systems, where the dynamics of a quantum state is affected by its surrounding environment.


EQC is a general methodology to quantum information processing, supporting optimization, gate models, and more.


For optimization, EQC starts with quantum fluctuations and preferentially amplifies the ground state of a Hamiltonian through a feedback control loop.
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Subscription Service

Dirac-1™ is available as a subscription service. We have packages that suit customers looking for an initial proof of concept, all the way through to dedicated access.

Introductory Rate - Perfect for PoC

10 hours on Dirac with 10 hours Quantum Solutions Support

Quarterly Shared Subscription

Up to 40 dedicated hours on Dirac per quarter

Annual Shared Subscription

Up to 40 dedicated hours on Dirac per quarter for 4 quarters

Annual Dedicated Subscription

Dedicated access to a Dirac 1 10k Qubit EQC Binary system

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